The only opinion that matters is our own. ⁣

“Don’t say that about yourself, you’re beautiful.” I’ve heard this a million times but it didn’t matter unless I FELT it about myself. ⁣

Without acknowledging WHY we feel the way we do about ourselves, we cannot begin the healing process. When we dig our past and find where that voice comes from, we can start to shift our mindset into positive thinking. ⁣

The negative voice didn’t start with us, as kids, we all thought we were enough. The negative voice came from toxic upbringing, bullying, commercials, advertising, your parents, your family... Remember, it’s not our own voice, it was someone else’s. ⁣

You are enough, you just don’t know it yet. ⁣


This beautiful woman is a bad ass. She’s confident, sexy and proud to be who she is. ⁣

Model: @madelinefergusonn

Hair and Make Up: HER⁣


Videographer:⁣ @dp.cnmtgrphr

Studio: @aspireprostudio