Welcome to this safe space that celebrates your unique creative journey. Here, we appreciate our authenticity and view ourselves from a fresh perspective.

About Emmeline

Balancing motherhood and a creative career is challenging! Throughout my creative career, I've overcome many intersectional obstacles. It required resilience to embrace my strengths and unique perspective, rather than striving for perfection.

Here, my goal is to guide you in overcoming your doubts, refining your voice, and balancing life responsibilities with creative ambitions. I am committed to helping you embrace your authenticity, streamline your systems, and transform your creativity into profit. You are enough, just as you are.

how to learn from me

Digital Courses

Learn at your own pace with Videos, E-Books, Guides


exclusive mentorship

You already have all the necessary tools. My role is to assist you in organizing and utilizing them effectively.


This service provides personalized guidance through weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one calls. As a part of this service, you will gain access to a customized student portal that houses all necessary resources and systems created by Emmeline to assist you in your creative photography journey.

what's Included:

  • Individual private online video calls to keep you accountable
  • Personalized student portal
  • Access to resources custom to your needs
  • Videos, guides and resources - I show you exactly what I do
  • Directory of my favourite apps, websites and tools and discount codes
  • Purpose driven journal prompts

Apply for mentorship

As creatives, we understand that each person's story is unique. Therefore, each mentorship session is tailored specifically to you. Please fill out the questions below to help me identify the areas in your creative journey that need guidance. Feel free to skip any question that makes you uncomfortable. This is a safe space.

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