There are so many reasons why I think every woman on earth needs to experience what it’s like to do boudoir / portraits.

Here’s the top 3 reasons:


1. Time: Getting older is enviable. Being in my late 20s really puts me back into perspective of where I am in my life. I honestly wish I took more photos of myself in general so I can look back and appreciate my body and my youth. I’ve accepted I will not always look this way and my entire body is going to change every single year that passes by. I am blessed that I am healthy and I cannot predict what my body will turn into in the future. What if I start being really healthy? Then I can look back at this too.

2. Confidence: What you see of yourself is really different than everyone else sees. You may look in the mirror and focus on the flaws but everyone else? We only see the great parts of you! Seeing yourself in the perspective of a Photographer can really open your eyes. Super important is to go with a photographer you trust and have seen their work!!! I cannot stress how inexperienced photographers can sometimes make self esteem go down (its part of the reason why I focus sooooo much in making sure you love your photos. I’ve had so many bad experiences hat ruined my self confidence.)

3. For your children, friends and family: this is more for doing portraits sessions in general and not just for intimates. The reality is, we are not around forever and leaving a little piece of us behind can be a gift for our loved ones. Showing the best parts of our smile and who we are can be done through photography. The photo may just be taken from a moment but it lasts forever and tells a thousand words.


I didn’t realize how long this would be 😅 I’ll throw the rest of this on the blog!