“Are you sure you’re ready to have this baby,” a close friend asked, “This baby will literally be your everything.”⁣

I love myself first.⁣

My goals, health and needs come first ⁣

above every one else, including Jarren. ⁣

This won’t be any different. ⁣

As I said many, many times before,⁣

I am with the person I love,⁣

I do what I love everyday. ⁣

I am in a place where I am emotionally, mentally and financially okay.⁣

Just because I don’t believe in giving up my life for my child, doesn’t mean I’m not ready. ⁣

A child is not your everything⁣

as your partner isn’t your everything. ⁣

They are part of my life⁣

Not my life. ⁣

If I’m not happy, how would I be capable of raising a child in a healthy environment?⁣

There will be no “sacrifice” there will be compromise. ⁣

I am my own womxn first. ⁣

I am my own individual person before I am anything else. ⁣

Motherhood will be⁣

PART of who I am. ⁣

NOT who I am. ⁣

I will embody everything I dream of them to be.⁣

Guilt me. I’m ready for the #momshame