You've heard it before.

All the things you hear in your head that prevents you from doing the one thing you want to do, isn't your own. That voice came from your past. Someone gave you doubt about who you are and you've internalized it thinking it's your own.

When you remove the fear, the thoughts of judgement and negativity, you become invincible. Do you know what's holding you back?

I used to think that I wasn't sexy enough; not fit enough; not tall enough; not pretty enough.. to have photos taken. But when I finally did it, I did it for myself and not for anyone else. The fear was gone - for even a moment. That moment is what lifts me up and helps me continue to do what I do.

During each session, when I show clients their photos, I tell them "Remember this feeling". The feeling of "wow, is that really me?" "Wow, I am beautiful as I am right now. That Boudoir Glow doesn't last forever but if you can remember how you felt and what you thought of yourself during that time, it will comeback. Our society constantly tells us that we are not enough. These photos are a representation of that feeling.

"I am beautiful as I am."

"I am enough"


M have always wanted to do a boudoir session but it was never the "right moment". As a Holiday Gift, her loving partner gifted this experience.

Make Up Artist: Isza Pineda - Beauty by Isza

Lash Artist: Aya Ilagan - Lavilash

Studio: Aspire Professional Studio

Photographer: Emmeline Guerrero