Visits to Winnipeg is always a pleasure because I get to reunite with so many of my girlfriends (clients turned friends). Each session is unique and I get to find out the story of the ones I photograph.

This is Kyla - she is EXTRAAAA but doesn't show it all the time because of work and hobbies. She adores horses and rides whenever she can but that means she can't have the extra long glamour nails that she loves. She decided to give herself a special treat and wanted some beautiful photos done of herself. She's taken a long time to find acceptance and body love and this is a great way to show how much she loves herself now.

Bed & Boujee Boudoir Session:

Professional Hairstylist: JR Baldo (Instagram / Hairology Studio Salon)

Professional & Private Studio: Aspire Professional Studio

Sugared by: Mat & Mais (Instagram / Website)

This session was approximately 90 minutes

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