Photos are from a self-love photoshoot. Please click here to view the fully gallery.

I’ve been a fake. 😩

Self love? Body positivity? Women empowerment? Practicing all the woowoo manifestation bullshit? Fake it till you make? Sure it worked for me for a long time but eventually I hit a platue. It wasn’t working for me anymore and you could tell. You. This audience. I started to talk like every cookie cutter body positive bs. 🤮🤢

So I’ve been digging deep deep deeeeeep lately.

I realize that under the layers of delulu land, I am a deeply flawed and hurt human being. although I’ve done so much work, I’ve still got so much to do.

Selflove isn’t about the “yasss girls” 💃🏻🪩or “you do you booboo” 😘 it’s about really looking deep in yourself to find where the fck this insecurity, shame and guilt came from.

For me, like many, it started from feeling like you’re not good enough during your developing years.

“You’re face isn’t that perfect”

“Stop showing so much skin”

“You must obey and be good”

“Don’t be a whore”

“Cover yourself up”

“You’re gaining weight”

“You’re a failure”

“You’ll never amount to anything”

Repeat repeat repeat

Then we attach ourselves to this idea of perfectionism. No matter what form it is.

Counting calories

Gym addiction

Unhealthy relationships

Incorrect size clothing

Trying all the dad diets

Body modification

Buying clothing


All the things I’ve done bc I thought “if I just do / buy / follow this *thing*, my life will be ✨changed forever ✨”

lol wrong.

I’m no longer in my delusions and I fully fully love my body. I won’t “fake it till you make it”. I’m here to tell you facts and tell you exactly what I did to help me get to this point in my selflove journey.