Enter a HeadingInstagram Vs Reality⁣

32 weeks babayyy. This little shit keeps jamming into my ribs and hip bones. My stomach started tenting = my abs have stretched out. Baby is growing outward so I can’t do anything about that till after baby is out. Feeling lots of pressure and cramping now. If this goes to full term, that means 2 more months of this. ⁣

Everyone says, “I can’t wait to meet your baby!” ⁣

I say Baby can stay in for as long as they need cuz this mom is NOT ready. 🙃⁣

But also being pregnant suuuuucks. ⁣

ps - I am a beautiful mf goddess. Look at me. There is no doubt in my mind that I am not worthy. I think the daily affirmations are working. ⁣

Belly oiled up with @dierbeinc Dry Patch Body Butter. I put this on religiously after the shower. Followed by head to toe lotion and nipple cream. #notsponsored I am just a die hard fan of their products.