“I am creating life”⠀

I said as I looked at myself in the mirror. Staring into my own eyes⠀

admiring my beautiful naked body. ⠀

Dear Little stranger ⠀

growing, kicking and tumbling. ⠀

Keep doing exactly what you need to

before your debut into the world. ⠀

I cannot say I love you (yet)⠀

Because You are a stranger⠀

You are part me + part him⠀

& everyone who came before you⠀

Yet ⠀

You are your own individual person.⠀

I accept everything you are⠀

everything you will be⠀

bc to me,⠀

That is what true love is. ⠀

I’m excited to get to know you 🤍

while I embody everything I dream of you to be and more.


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