When a camera is in my hand, I become entranced with creating. Before each shoot, I think about: how am I going to direct and make this person feel comfortable, they aren't models; how do I give them direction; dress & style them; how will I use the environment and light? During the shoot, I focus on making them feel comfortable by constantly communicating and showing them photos so I know how they like and don't like to be photographed. Then comes editing - this takes forever because there's endless possibilities! All I do is change the tones, colours and remove any temporary features (blemishes, bra marks, hair etc) I NEVER change features. Then I sit and think about how I can do it better next time. There's so much work that goes into every shoot. This isn't including professional hair, make up and styling. It takes at least 6 hours to get the final product. 💕 It has been a blessing to be able to do this! I am nowhere near the skill level I need to be but I am having so much fun. #bts // What’s your favourite part of the photography process? #emmelinethings