To all the Winnipeg women⁣

that fell victim to⁣

emotional and mental abuse⁣

You already know that you are loved,⁣

You are worthy of love,⁣

That having and seeking attention is okay. ⁣

That you are beautiful in your skin however you choose to wear it. ⁣

The bullying?⁣

That’s admiration disguised as fear⁣

& jealousy. ⁣

They are your biggest fans.⁣

Without realizing it, they are supporting you. ⁣

This will make you stronger. It sucks right now. Words hurt. ⁣

But pls also remember, ⁣

they are weak.⁣

I hope they find peace and self love within themselves.⁣

The words they feel are a reflection of their own self hate. ⁣

That’s why YOU are stronger. You’ll get through this 🌸