How about us thin people just accept that we’re invading in a space we don’t belong. ⁣

Show the rolls, show the imperfection and stop labeling as being “strong and confident” for clout.⁣

I’m calling out my own bullshit.⁣

Don’t fight for me and say “but you’re different” I’m not.⁣

I started off pure hearted and wanting to help women gain confidence in their own skin. ⁣

Then it became a trend, I hopped on cuz it was an “easy” way for me to find those who felt the same way - but now I realize this was wrong. I was helping other women, sure, but I was also showing that it was okay to be fatphobic. ⁣

This year is made of all kinds of uncomfortable changes.⁣

Here’s another one. ⁣

Call 👏🏼 me 👏🏼 out 👏🏼 on my bullshit.⁣

Us thin womxn need to make space for those who need body positivity most.⁣

We have privilege. ⁣

We are able to stretch and move our bodies or hide behind clothes. ⁣

We are able to go to the doctor without being told to “lose weight” as the first remedy.⁣

We are able to exist in this world without being judged by the general public.⁣

Do your part, help womxn but also don’t forget to let fat womxn shine too.