#thegram Series are taken from lengthy captions from my Instagram Feed.

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Grotto Canyon

Canmore, Alberta

I think all women are secretly guilty of shaming other women behind their backs. We've been taught how to be vain to the point that it takes over our daily thoughts and sometimes our normal everyday decisions.

I remember In grade school that these girls were teaching each other how to walk to be more ladylike? Fuck, I was barely 10.

I have to remind me self constantly to stop scrolling through my daily feed of women and being like "oh my god she's so sexy, look at that butt, look at that skin, her smile!" Or even worse "I don't like this about her, she's to this, she's too that". Then end up looking at myself in the mirror horrified about my now new face rashes (thanks doc for the meds) and my stress weight (I've got a cute pouch above my washboard abs).

We've got to empower each other and not belittle each other! Teaching myself to be positive in my everyday actions, words AND my thoughts is extremely difficult. I'm all about personality above looks but fuck, I'm a photographer & A WOMAN. I'm vain as fuck.

Still learning that we're all human and all these seemingly perfect beautiful women are also human too.