I could repeat myself and tell you how I feel about the bopo community, maybe tell you how much you should probably start loving yourself. ⁣

But honestly, I am so tired of repeating myself saying the same thing in different way.⁣

It’s true, one day I hope you learn how to love yourself but let’s get real for a min.⁣

My images and following me won’t help you love yourself. Why? Because it’s a lie.⁣

My photography is planned. There’s 2 hrs of planning, there’s professionals who do hair and make up, there’s years of perfecting posing for different body types. I talk through on how to do each pose.⁣

Then, THEN! I take hours on the computer, going through each photo over and over only keeping the best of the best. ⁣

Once I’ve filtered through images, I spend another couples hours editing and retouching until it’s perfect enough. ⁣

Ya, my photos won’t help you, a stranger, looking through this feed. You won’t feel good about yourself bc you don’t see how much work is put into it. ⁣

But the thing is, we collectively work hard for one moment. For that micro second of a moment for you to believe “ah, I am enough”. ⁣

Maybe my photos aren’t authentic, but my truth and purpose is. ⁣


Photo by: @whitepandaphotography

Location: @forth_wpg