I’ve had about 4 photoshoots in the past couple years that you guys have never seen. I look at them and pick myself apart and only focus on flaws but I have to remember, years from now, I’m going to love these photos. ⁣

What you see vs what other people see is so different. Remember that we’re all so much in our head about our own shit that no one really cares about you. It’s the reality. So if you’re afraid of what people think, you’re being an idiot bc no one cares. ⁣

& if they do judge you, they’re not your people. ⁣

Even if I’m not in-love with these photos now, this is for my future self who will. ⁣

I challenge you to post something you’re not 200% proud of. 🙏🏽⁣


Thank you @bennettmurphyphotography for these beautiful photos.⁣

Thank you @aspireprostudio for the beautiful studio.⁣

Thank you @artofbrian for the beautiful tattoo piece. It looks amazing even if it’s not done yet. ⁣

Anyone in Winnipeg, check out her beautiful work! #emmelinethings