On Dec 17, 2017 I said I would take better care of myself and make healthier choices to follow a fitness journey. (See 3 Photos before this post) -

Well it was hard. The Holidays is full of food and booze and how can you say no to that? I really effed that part up but instead of following a fitness journey, I loved myself more. I still haven’t been to the gym in months and I’ve stuffed my face full of chocolate but instead of making myself feel guilty after every bite, I embraced it. -

Loving yourself will always be a work in progress. Although I didn’t make any physical transformations, I feel so much better about my appearance and I really believe the rest will become easier. -

Who knows, I could change my mind and beat myself up again but for right now, I feel amazing.

This is me, I am Emmeline. Loving myself one step at a time. -