Okay, I really want to make this clear - I have a lot of self esteem issues. Every single day when I look into the mirror, I can’t help but look at my flaws. I regret the food I put into my mouth but still eat it. I know what it takes to get the “ideal body type” that I undeniably crave to have but I also don’t have the willingness to get it, so instead I cave in and blame myself for being so lazy. I admire women like @keonecra or the fitness gurus who work so damn hard everyday to get their bodies and I wish I had that level of self discipline and dedication. Instead I’ve been pouring myself into photographing women who feel the same way as I do. I cringe at every photo I see of myself and sometimes I think that “I’ve lost my peak”. “I’m passed my prime”. I have to try and pick myself back up and look up to women like @thestoreonqueen. They help me realize that I still have a chance and age is just a number. Keep moving forward. Chin up and remind myself everyday that I am perfect as I am now, it’s “never too late” because the present and future matters more than the past. Despite the smiles I show on here, I still fight myself every single day. I haven’t trusted a photographer to take my photos yet, that’s why I work so hard and sincerely to make sure you love yours. #personalrant#selflove#bopo