I’m starting to hate the body positive community. ⁣

I started to notice that it was (mostly) white woman with average body sizes showing photos of themselves hunched over showing they have “rolls” and claiming they are body positive - the irony of my photo right? ⁣

Why did I hate it so much? It was privileged women who was trying to hop onto the new bandwagon. A new way to market their brand. ⁣

I don’t think I’m much different but I do feel like I speak to other women like me WHO ARE SEVERELY UNDER REPRESENTED - Asian American women. ⁣

You probably saw this photo and thought, wow she’s so brave.... but it’s not the point. I may feel insecure about my body but others are being disrespected because of theirs. The body positive movement was created by fat black womxn to show the world that they, like all other fat people deserve to exist with love and respect. ⁣

Because of this movement, I am more aware of how poorly fat people are treated and how much privilege I have. If a fat person posted this, you’d (most likely) immediately relate it to “health” or being “too lazy”. No shame with joining the movement but know where it’s roots came from. #emmelinethings