I’m not a model. ⁣

I have to put a lot of effort into looking close to the “ideal standard of beauty”⁣

I need to ⁣

find the right angle⁣

look a little taller⁣

my hips a little slimmer⁣

lighting highlighting my finest features⁣

wear fresh new clothes⁣

have my make up & hair done professionally. ⁣

I’m perfect just the way I am. ⁣

But to mainstream media? Far from it.⁣

Most of the time I look like this (swipe to 2nd photo). ⁣

I haven’t posted this one in awhile because it’s not “perfect enough”. ⁣

& at home, I look like this (swipe to 3rd photo).⁣

These three photos are all me.⁣ “Natural beauty” is a construct made by the advertising industry to make you feel like your natural self isn’t enough. ⁣

You are all naturally beautiful,⁣

It’s media that influences you ⁣

to believe that you aren’t. ⁣


First photo:⁣

Photography by @whitepandaphotography

Make up: @jeannaleeartistry

Blowout by: @by.jrbaldo

Second photo by: @thesamanthachan

Third photo from my iPhone purposely with bad lighting.