The day I really realized that my body was normal was when I went on a road trip with several other girls. We shared a room together and the first morning, while we got ready for the day, I noticed their bodies were just like mine: imperfect. Growing up I was told I was lucky for many reasons and one of them was because I had a “great metabolism”. I thought to myself that “I’ll never become unhealthy and fat!” and that my appearance was a measurement of my worth. I used to think fat was synonymous with being unhealthy and unworthy 🤦🏻‍♀️ As I got older, my weight would fluctuate up and down. Some years I’d be bigger and heavier, others I’d be depriving myself of food and I’d be super thin - I used to think this was okay. That THIS is how I SHOULD look. It’s only recently that I’ve learned that being healthy doesn’t fit into a one size fit all box. It’s different for each body. I’m happy and somewhat healthy now. I can be sexy but I still have my days where I look in the mirror and beat myself up which I think is okay. For me, being body positivity is believing that weight is not a measurement of self worth and that every body deserves the love and respect as everyone else. & that we should not obsess or deprive ourselves of a full life in order to fit in that one size fits all box.