Sunny ✖️

A lot of the women I photograph do this because THEY WANT TO FOR THEMSELVES. To feel good, confidence boost, self love, to feel sexy, to feel proud of what they look like, maybe for a boyfriend 🤷🏻‍♀️ whatever the reason is, it's never about getting dick pics from strangers.

I had the opportunity to meet and photograph Sunny not too long ago and had the pleasure of learning that she doesn't take shit from stupid guys who do that kind of thing. She fights back and makes it known that what they're doing isn't right. Watch her stories @itssosunny to find out how she does. -- in my opinion, do you think it's right to punch someone in the face if they piss you off? Absolutely not. Violence is not cool. So if you're attracted to a woman, does that mean you whip it out and send her a dick pic without permission? NO. To me, it's both harassment and should never be tolerated. 🤢😤

Model: @itssosunny

Stylist: @kbotfoto