Real talk for a min. I’ve always been someone who wasn’t really afraid to be myself because, let’s be honest, I’m used to being a walking train wreck. 😂 But you know what? I still see myself guilty looking at these Instagram hotties wondering how the fuck they learned to do their make up, hair etc. Photography, design and living minimally has always been part of life and I learned how to use it to gift people that confidence. I have my own insecurities and flaws that I hate, we all do and it’s a continuous battle. So I learned how to pose for myself to make myself feel good. Then I learned how to direct others in all kinds of body types to look the best. Giving confidence to others has helped me embrace my own flaws. I love my stretch marks 💕 Yeah, I have a gut, tummy, i could lose weight (blah blah blah) but, let me show you what else I have, I have a great butt, curves and a smile. Let the things you love out shine the parts you don’t like so much and it won’t matter. I hope this encourages you to share too! what do you love about your body? #whatiloveaboutmybody#emmelinethings#beunpologeticallyyou