“Clicking the shutter is as important as clicking with the one taking the photos. It was my first time meeting and working with Emmeline, and it felt like I’ve known her for years! Such a talented, professional, empowering and kind person. Never felt so confident and comfortable. Thank you!!”

As much as everyone around you believe that you are beautiful, the only opinion that matters is your own. That's why you're here right?

I know it must feel a little weird planning for what feels like a LUXURY. We are constantly told that we are not good enough. That we, as women have to live up to such a high unrealistic beauty standard. We have to be perfect, put together but look natural while doing it. To put in "effort" but not that much or we're too self-absorbed. You have to love yourself but not too much or we're considered conceited.

However you're feeling about your body - My studio is a safe space. You're free to express and be who you are authentically without judgement. Because everything that you are in this moment, is enough.

Together, we create beautiful photography experience that will change your life. Having your uniqueness captured through an artists perspective really empowers you to see how beautiful you truly are.