Outfit Ideas

Your style should be as unique as you are. Be sure to plan your outfits a few days before your session. Here are some general rules for making sure you have picture-perfect outfits.

  • Avoid wearing very intense bright colours, bold stripes, large designs, logos, words and polka dots. They stand out and tend to draw too much attention.
  • Dress in timeless clothing, let your age not your clothes date the portrait.
  • Take time to make sure your skin, nails, toes and eyebrows are in perfect condition.
  • You can send me outfit ideas!

If you're still not sure what to wear, feel free to look at Pinterest boards or contact me to schedule an appointment with a stylist.

The Ultimate Check-List

A Month

Schedule hair, make-up, nail & aesthetician appointments.

Shop for at least one new item that makes you feel confident.

Experiment with hair and make-up to find a look that you love.

Checklist (optional):
- Schedule Hair
- Schedule Make-up
- Schedule nail, eyelashes, eyebrows etc.
- Shop for one new outfit
- Practice your hair and makeup
- Start planning at least 2 fav outfits

A Week

​Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed.

If you're planning on a haircut or colour, give yourself a few days to make sure you're happy with it.

Treat yourself to a Manicure & Pedicure or clean nails.

Checklist (optional):
- Observe your hair, eyebrows and nails.
- Schedule in any necessary appointments.
- If you're getting your brows done, please do this at least 4 days before.
- Be sure to schedule new haircut or colour at least 4 days before your photoshoot.

The Day Before

Arrange your outfits ahead of time and include accessories.

Make sure all clothes are cleaned and pressed and on hangers (if you're going to the studio).

If you're not sure, bring a few outfits and we can choose together.

- Pack your bag or suitcase!
- Bring at least 3 outfits you love. If you bring more, we can choose together!
- Please do not wear anything on your wrists (watch/hairtie) if it will not be in the photo.
- Remove all items from your pockets so it doesn't create marks

Location & Parking

521-70 Arthur St. Winnipeg, Manitoba

We recommend downloading the Pay By Phone app ahead of time to make it easier to pay for parking!


Between Monday to Friday, keep in mind that all parking areas have a 2 hr limit. On Saturdays, the first 2 hrs are free and Sunday's it's free all day.