Your body is uniquely yours. No one else has a body like you. No one. ⁣

People are more worried about themselves than about how you look.⁣

No one actually cares what you look like unless it’s associated with their own ego / status. ⁣

It’s okay to want and feel pleasure in your own terms. ⁣

No one looks good having s3x. Focus on how it feels. ⁣

What you believe is beautiful is skewed by media. They are not truly your own opinion. ⁣

We subconsciously desire Eurocentric features bc we believe that is what is beautiful. ⁣

You look fine without lashes. ⁣

The negative statements you tell yourself looking in the mirror is abuse.⁣

Exercising isn’t punishment for what you ate. What you eat should not make you feel guilty. ⁣

Skin folds, stretch marks, wrinkles. It’s called skin. It does that. ⁣

Touch the parts of your body you dislike and say kind things. You’ll change your perception.⁣

Body positivity is a trend taken over by wh!t3 women. Straight cis women. ⁣

I don’t fuc ing care about your new diet Karen. ⁣


I got progressively angry 😂 Got anything else to add?⁣

Inspired by @katesies latest post.