"I feel sexy"


How do you feel?” I feel sexy. ⁣

That’s it, I did it. ⁣

I’ve done my job. ⁣

Do you remember how you felt when you first saw your photos?


During each session, I let them view their photos - this way they can tell me how to adjust. If they like certain poses, angles, we’ll keep doing them! If they don’t like how they look, they tell me and we change it up. These are your photos, my goal is for you to be able to cherish these forever. ⁣

My goal is for you to finally see yourself as ⁣



Enough. ⁣


As I finally finish my 2018 vlogs, I go through old behind the scenes vids from photoshoots. This one was @lindaandthecity and our first session together. It’s incredible how much our friendship has grown. From clients to friends. ⁣

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