Let me explain - when you fake something, it doesn’t feel good. When has it ever?


If you don’t like your body, don’t fake it. Don’t pretend that you do. Don’t look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you body” because that’s not true. Toxic positivity isn’t allowed here.  That's where the body positive movement goes wrong.


...at some point recently, the whole world joined a self-help cult and wont shut the fuck up about it….” - Euphoria, Season 2

Okay, okay, I know that Euphoria clip is a bit extreme but doesn’t social media feel like that right now? How are you supposed to love your body right now when you don’t feel it?


I truly believe in the power of the universe and that shifting your mindset is very important (yea, yea it’s kind of woowoo). There is a very sciency way of explaining manifestation but I won’t get into that yet… 


Instead of being fake positive to yourself, you can say, “I don’t love my body today.” or “I don’t love my body right now. The most important thing to add is saying “today” / “right now”. How you feel today is different from yesterday. And it’s going to be different tomorrow.

It's okay to say “I don’t love my body today."

By adding the words “today” or “right now”, you’re giving yourself permission to be. You are allowing yourself to feel how you feel without an outside voice telling you how you should feel.


A big part of my self love journey is listening to myself and accepting how I feel in this moment. 


This week, I urge you to slow things down. When you catch yourself being mean to yourself, slow it down and add the simple word “today” or ”right now;”. 


How we feel about ourselves is temporary.