As a creative person, you don't want to be stuck behind a computer screen. Focus on what you love doing most! Here are my top 5 time saving hacks that helped me get more time behind the camera. 

→ CRM: Every business needs a Customer Relationship Management tool. Photographers are no different! After trying several (shoot proof, Honeybook etc.), I love Sprout Studio. It’s a tool for photographers by photographers. Sprout Studio is not only a CRM, it has everything you need to get organized in one place! It has proofing gallery, client gallery, shop, email marketing tool and all the email templates you need. If you're interested, check this affiliate link.

→ Online Gallery: I used to sent Dropbox links to clients 😅 Now there are tons of great online galleries to share your work. I love using Pic-Time and Pixieset. I use both sites for different types of photography. Pic-Time has a very clean, minimal design and offers a total hands off print shop for your clients. Pixieset also has a professional online gallery and shop but their print shop only accepts orders. You would have to fulfil the print orders yourself. (Check this link for a referral to Pixieset.)

→ Presets: You can now either get them premade or make some yourself! These have helped me cut time in half when editing! Merdian Presets are some of my fav. 

→ Prep Lists: After doing photog for over 5 yrs, I have a well made FAQ list. One of the frequent Q’s I get is what to bring and wear to a shoot. Sending them a list of things you recommend to bring or even a Pinterest board helps them get excited and ready!

→ Email / Contract Templates: Of course every clients needs are dif but having a basic template helps save time. Copy, paste and make adjustments as needed! PS - Sprout Studio has email and contract templates built into some of their workflows!