I do the things I do to show you that you can to. ⁣

I’m not saying to be like me or show off your body like I do.⁣

I want you to see that if you have a body like mine:⁣

not tall enough⁣

not slim enough⁣

not light skinned enough⁣

not perfect enough⁣

that YOU can look and feel sexy too. ⁣

I got ⁣

“You have no sex appeal”⁣

“You’re cute, not sexy”⁣

“You’re so cute I can put you in my pocket”⁣

“Are you eating that?”⁣

“Wow, you’re short”⁣

“You’ve gained weight”⁣

“You’re sure eating good”⁣

I’ve heard these things said from MY OWN friends, aunts, uncles, my mom and boys that I was dating. ⁣

Look at me now 🖕🏽⁣

2020 is the year that ⁣