Don’t settle bc loving them should be easy. ⁣

I used to think that unconditional love meant that I could work hard to make it work. That all I had to do was love them enough and try to understand them enough that it would work out. I read books, went to therapy, I did everything I could in my previous relationships but it turns out, I was wrong. I lost myself in the processes and had to pick up the pieces and find who I was again. ⁣

Then I met him. ⁣

Loving you is so easy. We talk, we laugh, even the everyday mundane things is fun with you. We talk like best friends and you tell me what I need to hear. ⁣

We don’t expect anything from each, we don’t rely on each other but we’re there. And we know it. That’s why we’re perfect. ⁣

to my biggest fan,⁣

my rock⁣

my best friend⁣

I love you ⁣