Don’t call me brave. ⁣

This is just a body⁣

which happens to be mine. ⁣

If you saw a post of a slimmer, thinner girl,⁣

maybe a post like this of a model,⁣

Would you call her brave? No. ⁣

Just because I have rolls and flab and I choose to share it doesn’t make me brave. ⁣

Being “brave” would mean I would be sacrificing or that I am fearful of something.⁣

I’m not. ⁣

I found peace with my body and⁣

I choose to share it. ⁣

I choose to share my body because I don’t see enough of it represented. ⁣

I choose to share my body because there is not enough dark skinned asian women sharing their story. ⁣

I choose to do this for my own self love.⁣

So please, don’t call me brave.