Big arms, thighs that look like cottage cheese, rolls on rolls, a non existent jaw line blah blah blah - “hey now, don’t talk like that!” It’s my body and this is how I see it most of the time regardless of what anyone says. I’m convinced, just like how you are convinced with your own flaws. This is my before photo and instead of showing how much I hate my body (most of the time) I decided to ignore it, take my clothes off and embrace it! Sure, I know how to pose and show off the things I love but I also wanted to share that loving yourself will always be a work in progress. Helping other women feel good about their bodies is what I do so I decided to do myself the same favour. This is the beginning of my journey to love myself more and more by making healthier mental choices. I’m not much for New Years Resolutions so my fitness journey starts NOW during the hardest month of the year. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.