I’ve always hated this part of my body. I would squish, pull back and look in the mirror and try to imagine what my belly would look like if I didn’t have it. ⁣

When I was in school, I would obsess about having abs and do crunches (how useless lol). ⁣

Those thoughts still float back multiple times a day but instead of surrendering myself to the cycle of negativity⁣

I pause⁣

Breath in⁣

Breath out⁣

& let go. ⁣

Because there was a time in my life where I did have a flat stomach but that was because I was so depressed I didn’t eat. All I did was sleep. ⁣

The flat stomach⁣

And thigh gap⁣

Was a result of depression.⁣

It wasn’t worth it. ⁣

I rather have a happy and healthier life full of chicken nuggets. ⁣