what would you say to this girl?

Would you tell this girl that everything she is, wasn’t enough? That she would spend so much time and money on trying to look a certain way? That the people around her, the people she trusted and love would constantly tell her that her appearance wasn’t enough?⁣

Imagine, telling a little girl⁣

you’re too dark⁣

don’t eat so much⁣

are you eating enough?⁣

don’t wear that, you’ll look slutty⁣

you need to look like this person⁣

you need to be more like this person...⁣

why, at a young age, women are told on how to look, act and be ⁣

while boys are encouraged to learn and experience things?⁣

if you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell them?⁣

featuring: @raaawra ❤️