my opinion matters most

It took me a really long time to decide to put this photo up. I have a problem with being in front of the camera. Im awkward, shy and I hate every single photo ever taken of me. Yes, I still think I’m cute AF most of the time but a large part of me can’t help but pick myself apart. Regardless if YOU say I’m beautiful or not. Regardless if you go “oh stop”, I don’t care because MY opinion matters the most. That’s why I can’t stress how important it is for every single person who gets in front of my camera to tell me EXACTLY what they dislike and love about themselves. There’s ways we can move our bodies to emphasize our favourite parts. I’m not about “blindly being body positive”, I’m about being accepting and understanding of who you are. Once you become self aware, that’s when the self love happens. It will always be a work in progress bc we are ever changing. // Big shoutout to the 📷 @whitepandaphotography 💗 the only other photographer I trust to take my photo.