little details of our body

Little details of our wonderful beautiful bodies ~ lately ive been watching how people move and how different expressions shape the face differently. How our cheeks rise and little dimple come out. How the little smile lines that are starting to show up on my friends cheeks. How beautiful eyes are in different lights. .. I love it all! Our bodies are so sacred that I think it’s important to capture each detail. How amazing would it be to see a photo of our hands as the years go by! So as a treat, I went out of my usual “photo shoot routine” and took some details of this lovely lady. She has blossomed into such a beautiful and confident woman. 💗 you are stunning and I’m so happy to see that you know it.

Model: @berniicemaay

Make Up: @beautybyisza

Hairstylist: @jelartistry

Lash Extensions: @linda.thebeautehouse

Wardrobe: @victoriassecret + @savagexfenty

Studio: @aspireprostudio