when your body becomes your best friend,⁣

you treat her better,⁣

you’re kinder, gentler,⁣

you’re more thoughtful.⁣

you accept your bestfriend, partner, parent as who they are. ⁣

You love them as they are. ⁣

Why not treat your body the same?⁣

When I accepted myself, every part:⁣

- my flabby legs that hug lovingly⁣

- my stomach pouch that holds my now beautiful ****and powerful uterus⁣

- my thick thighs, that are powerful⁣

1️⃣ I began to eat better.⁣

I stopped fasting which turned into binge eating. I stopped being obsessed with dieting (paleo, keto, calorie counting, macros etc...). ⁣

I started to eat with intention and mindfulness. I no longer have cravings and I eat to FEEL good. ⁣

2️⃣ I began to start exercising *regularly*⁣.

I used to weightlift, hired trainers, bought programs... I obsessed about looking a certain way. I hated it but I did it bc I felt guilty. But bc I hated it, I wasn’t consistent. When I found ways to move that I LOVE, I began to do it regularly! Willingly! I found love in yoga, meditation, spin, hiking and snowboarding ❤️⁣

3️⃣ I began living.⁣

When I finally accepted myself, my body and who I am, I was finally able to start living life fully without having the subconscious feeling of not being enough. I now eat with intention and move with intention. I have fun. ⁣

Treat your body like your bestfriend and accept everything that it is. It took me 7 years to get here.⁣

I love myself⁣

I am worthy⁣

I am enough⁣

I am Emmeline