Don’t let anyone invalidate or minimize how you feel about your body. ⁣

No, I’m not fat.⁣

I also recognize that I have privilege for being a basically good looking human.⁣

But that doesn’t mean years of societal conditioning and #ToxicFilipinoCulturedidn’t do some long term damage on my own body image issues. ⁣

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t cried, dieted, worked out till I couldn’t breathe, self harmed or took pills. There have been times where it took up so much space in my mind that i couldn’t move.⁣

All the things described in these images are everything I’ve felt and still feel every single day. There are days where I embrace them with joy AND there are many days where I don’t love them. ⁣

Being body positive and accepting your body isn’t about being happy all the time. It’s about knowing and accepting that there will be good AND bad days.⁣

Good feelings can coexist with bad feelings. So 👏🏼 don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel 👏🏼 because it’s your body. Once you can accept your feelings, that’s when you can begin the path of self love.