we had this shoot scheduled for over 5 months and I had this silly idea in my head that I should “get ready for it”. Months go by and of course I’m not ready. The day before hits and I’m feeling groggy. My make up artist got sick too. My hairstylist was on the other side of town. Didn’t get my regular sugar/wax appointment. I was feeling anxious and wasn’t necessarily “ready” but I did it anyway. Here I am, the way I normally show up - unprofessional make up, unkempt hair and anxious. This is how I am everyday and it didn’t turn out that bad. This is me, I am Emmeline. ————⁣

As soon as I saw these, I HAD to get it. Panties by @bettiepageclothingofficialcan be found at @thefoxyshoppe


Thank you @allypapkophotography for capturing my angles - one of the only ladies I trust to take my photos 💛💛 ⁣