Just after birth⁣⁣

Tears in our eyes⁣⁣

Messy hair⁣⁣

Blood everywhere⁣⁣

tiny Mayari in our arms⁣⁣

exactly the way it was meant to be. ⁣


(vlog coming soon) We’ve been incredibly blessed. We tried to stay calm and have as much fun as possible. The best we could do was embrace what was going to happen next. ⁣

I was in denial for most of the early labour. Told jarren to sleep and take his time to get ready. Ignoring @maninderr.siingh and my OBGYN 😂. The “5-1-1” pattern happened over *12hrs before I accepted it was time to go the hospital. ⁣

When We arrived, I was 5-6cm dilated. “Oh shit! Guess it’s happening today” Things happened pretty quickly after that. ⁣

I did all the things I obsessively watched on YouTube and what @maninderr.siingh recommended to do. I read my affirmations & looked at Mayari’s ultrasound.⁣

We are healthy, we are strong, we are made for this. ⁣

We are grateful for our health care.⁣

We are surrounded by capable hands. ⁣

Few hrs later, nothing changed. I requested the epi & they left us alone for a brief moment. Pain went up. I screamed for Jarren to call someone - he pulled the 🚨 LOL so many nurses came running in 😂😂 oops⁣

8cm. I cancelled the epi, opted for laughing gas instead. I hated it but I couldn’t change it now. ⁣

The pain was unbearable. ⁣⁣

but I accepted and surrendered⁣⁣

myself to the sensations⁣

Knowing Mayari was about to arrive ⁣⁣


Jarren whispered⁣⁣

and I repeated⁣⁣

“My mind quiets, ⁣⁣

my body opens,⁣⁣

my baby is born.”⁣⁣


5hrs in active labour, and⁣

30 min pushing⁣ later⁣


Mayari was born.