I had a boyfriend with beautiful bright blue eyes. They were mesmerizing. ⁣

I told him that they were beautiful and he said, ⁣

“I prefer to be complimented for things I’ve earned, not for what I was born with.”⁣

& That really stuck. ⁣


Rewind to when I was less than 10,⁣

My aunts and uncles would tell me “your lucky, you have a beautiful face”⁣

At a young age, my self worth became attached to external beauty. This mindset stuck with me for a long time...⁣

I’m glad it’s different now. ⁣

We now have so many amazing womxn to look up too. ⁣

When talking to young girls, try:⁣

- compliment for what they can do, not what they look.⁣

- ask about their life and interests, not about their crush. ⁣

These little things will make a difference. ❤️